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Week 8 - Drawing explorations and collage

Updated: May 5, 2023

In this session, we had to respond to image disruption and displacement. We were asked to think about photo montage, and also collage work. We had to respond to certain pieces from literature and visually communicate our responses.

I achieved these through mainly collage work. I looked at an extract from WH Auden's poem, As I Walked Out One Evening, amongst others.

I felt that I took certain elements of the poem and really expanded on that, such as the line where China and Africa meet. I expanded on that image, and that became central to my response. I also included images of water, roads, the environment, going from urban life to rural and wildlife, to represent the theme of love coming together that is so far-reaching.

I also was fortunate to find different images which represented love, figuratively. I think the two faces really give an element of a love that almost has a permanence, but that time will tear it apart through age and dying.

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