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Week 6 - Drawing Explorations - Line

Updated: May 9, 2023

In this week, I was able to explore mark-making in terms of producing different lines, lengths, geometric elements and more flowing elements.

We started off making ten lines, which had to be unique and different from each other. Then we had to do the same thing, overlapping the lines. We also did mark-making with different lines while listening to different music, and responding by making different marks according to the tone and pitch of the pieces. Some were classical, some were instrumental.

Although I had done a bit of this before, in the visual messaging and communication model, it was good to go back to this, to listen to different pieces of music and respond to them.

In this session, we also did a group activity, where we had to listen to music and respond to the different tones and pitches of the piece. We had to create images that were supposed to interlink with each other. However, in our group, we tried to do this, but we stuck to our own part of the page, which was a bit of a shame.

I think it would have been more successful if we used the whole page, rather than restricted ourselves to our own block in each corner. This is evident in the picture below.

I enjoyed this session, and look forward to doing more pieces in my own time, responding to music and mark-making with different lines.

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