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Week 5 - Augmented Reality and Artivive

My first attempt in creating 3D immersive experience using AR software proved challenging. I think I found it difficult to get to grips with the tools. I cut out the shapes in Photoshop. I removed the background and exported it as a PNG, and created elements of AR using Artivive. I did need some extra help from the tutor to cut out the shape using the polygonal tool, to create anchor points in order to cut the image out.

I applied it into the Artivive programme using the layering function, which I was able to successfully complete with the help of the tutor.

I felt there was not much difference between the programmes of After Effects and Artivive, but Artivive was easier to use as there were fewer steps. After Effects required many more steps for animation to successfully run.

I can see the potential with AR and artists such as David Hockney and the like, who are already using this technology in innovative ways. It’s a very exciting time to use AR, marrying art and technology in this way.

However, I think I need more time to get to grips with Artivive. But I’m much more inclined to use this kind of software as opposed to After Effects. I believe that I could use some element of AR in my digital poster. But I have yet to work out how this can be applied into my final piece of work.

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