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Week 4 - Maya - animating text

Again, I found Maya not a very user-friendly programme, because there were many steps involved in trying to achieve a decent look. This included the attribute editor tool to type your text, as well as extrusion options to play with the profile.

I found it difficult to add texture, although I could see the value in that it changed the entire look of the text.

I could see the potential benefit of Maya in adding texture to the typography, but I felt there were too many steps that I had to master in a short space of time. It was easy to get lost. For example, when adding images and animated textures, I couldn’t find the shading menu and the folder icon, which were basics. I find it difficult to concentrate or find things when I feel the time pressure of learning something new.

It would be an advantage to learn using text from Illustrator, because I think it would be a useful addition towards making the project more visually engaging. But I found it very difficult to master the techniques used to create a path. Again, I found the steps involved – for example many of the customisation options for text – too complex and long-winded.

I struggled with animation the most because I found After Effects so difficult. It therefore knocked my confidence when it came to animating text. I really struggled when it came to rotating and animating.

Although I could see the potential of using Maya in my project, in terms of texture adding something to the play theme, making it more visually interactive and appealing, I don’t have the skill level yet to be confident enough to incorporate this piece of software into my final piece of work. But I look forward to getting to grips with it more closely over the summer, when I can learn at my own pace.

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