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Week 4 -Lighting Darkness with Anna Steinberg

Updated: May 11, 2023

We had a visiting lecturer present lecture/workshop on visually communicating violence and related topics sensitively but poignant way. I anticipated that political violence and its effects would be a very difficult to communicate but was looking forward to challenging myself creatively and expanding repertoire of work through experimentation and perseverance.

We did collages and mixed media in response to poems regarding domestic violence abuse and discrimination and lack of opportunities for African Americans.

Excited by the challenge, I felt that I was slow to come up meaningful response.

However, I have googled search anti-domestic abuse posters and got some ideas and experimented different media and mediums, cutting up ripping the face and filling the spaces with inks.

I have began with my artwork to develop sequence story telling which I think when successfully communicates the message more effectively of the effect of domestic abuse on the survivor.

Heart of glass- fracturing the soul, wine spilt on the floor, wine in between the where the ink of should be red wine or food?

Second response Fractured mirror - Fractured soul

Mixed media - Going into the woods - depicts the effect of abuse on the individual - a bright young person who so much potential finds herself in a controlling relationship. The use of nature seemingly beautiful at the beginning but then darkness envelops the woods. This a metaphor for the relationship. The branches represent pervasive control of the abuser. The white figure devoid of colour a shadow her former abuser remains as the abuse takes it toll on survivor.

I learnt that seemingly subtle messages rather images geared to shock are likely to be have a powerful effect on the audience becuase they leave a lasting impression. Subtle have more thoughtful intricate storytelling in the visual image-making process. I think I showed a development process in terms of the direction in my visual messaging and communicating a poignant response has more resonance.

The next challenge is to raise awareness on what people can do to report, support and facilitate survivors leaving abusive relationships.

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