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Week 4 - Life Drawing: Colour

Updated: May 8, 2023

This week, we had to create images from life drawing that included colour. I found this interesting because I really like colour and try and use it to its full effect. However, I understand that the different colours not only have different meaning and connotations, but the colour choice impacts the effectiveness of the creative piece.

Being aware of analogous colour and complementary colours gave me a basic understanding of colour coordination and Kandisky's interpretation of colour. I found that using the previous workshops on tone helped me to establish light and shades, and identify the different tonalities. I used colours that were limited and combined my knowledge of tone, use of variation of tones within that colour, to generate life drawing images.

I found that when I limited the use of colour, it helped me create better images, because I wasn't thinking of using all the colours available, but selecting specific colours in order to produce a clear image. I think, if you use too much colour, that distracts from the life drawing image that you're producing.

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