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Week 2 - Observing from the environment

We went on a field trip to the grounds of an elite boarding school in Harrow and Harrow town centre. Harrow boarding school is set in quaint, village-like setting set back in time which is evident the wearing of boaters and traditional uniforms of students and dress of the staff as well as the architecture. The architecture and the apparel of students and staff exuded traditions rooted in elitism. These traditions and investment in elite education institutions perpetuate class division. retaining traditional practices is an emblem of elite. Traditions are preserved in educational institutions like Harrow boarding school which give the super-rich a head-start and advantageous position in life chances.

Contrastingly, Harrow town centre is more economically humble representing everyday working man and woman. Modern architecturally which could be described as industrial reflective of the working classes. Modernisation is architecture is representative of the need to progress, regeneration in architecture in representative of championing workers' in a cost of living crisis rights and investing in local communities. Perhaps, the environment represents traditional vs modern architecture and dress demonstrate stark class disparities.

For the elite boarding school I paid more attention to sketching the building rather than students and staff. I wanted to get a sense of the place first. However,I spent too much trying get the detail of the building rather than focussed on the students and staff that were walking around and going from class to class.

In Harrow shopping district, I re-focussed on sketching/drawing people. Problems I encountered that people were walking and I could only get an essence of them of line of action of gesture. Perhaps that was what was required.

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