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Week 2 - life drawing: ink drawings

Updated: May 11, 2023

I produced expressive and innovative ink drawings. In the first session I was preoccupied with producing life-like pencil drawings. I was too concerned with proportionality and realism rather getting the essence and gesture of the life model.

In the second session, I felt I left that pre-conception and comparing myself with other students, such what they produced, behind. I tried to be expressive and innovative in experimentation with inks. I achieved this largely by using different tools make up brushes, toothbrushes, wooden forks, wooden spoons etc.

The effects were surprising, I liked the flow and fluidity but is exactly its downfall where it's not easy to manipulate. The best approach was just to let go and experiment and be happy with the results I was encouraged to use. This yielded exciting and surprising results.

I went to experiment further by watering down the ink and creating subtleties in shading, which created tonality and mood.

As further experimentation, we had to do fashion drawings using ink inspired by David Downton. Here are some examples.

Having learnt all the techniques, I feel I was happy with drawings I produced. I will definitely be using ink in experimentation in future artwork I produce.

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