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Week 1 Photoshop Workshop Digital Collage and other techniques

I set up my own canvas on Photoshop to an A4 size, 300 PPI and RGB setting. I watched the YouTube videos to gain a better understanding of the Photoshop tools. I was able to copy and paste assets to the canvas by cutting, moving, rotating, transforming and erasing elements of the collage. I took an environmental theme, in line with my end project, to show the negative impact of tourism and industrialisation on the environment.

I used different images from Google Images and placed them on top of the green environment image to show how industrialisation and tourism were encroaching on beautiful green spaces. I made a digital collage to illustrate this.

I sourced mainly images relating to pollution and the amount of waste that human consumption produces. I used the smudge tool and a variety of brushes to blend in the images so that the transition between images was less harsh. This allowed it to become one whole image rather than a mish-mash of different images put together.

But, in hindsight, this may have showed the jarring effect of the environmental impact of industrialisation and over-tourism. So I applied this technique to compare and contrast, and I think both images have a lot to say for each other. Both are distinct and jarring at the same time.

I wish I had spent less time sourcing and picking out the right images, as well as spending less time on the aesthetics of how the images blended together, especially on the first experimentation. IfI did it again, I would spend more time on working out how to use different tools.

I explored visual strategies which allowed for a smooth transition between the photos, and also harsher, more jarring transitions that didn’t use as much blending. I think adding colour and text would have been a great asset to the digital collage I produced.

I did use the blur, smudge and clone stamp tool, and explored blending options, but I could have experimented more with colour, text, contrast and opacity. I definitely benefited from learning more keyboard shortcuts to help me work quicker.

I definitely would incorporate Photoshop when creating new images, not only creating a digital collage but also creating my own images. I can incorporate the play theme into my theme of environmentalism by making my poster using Photoshop as the base image, and then enhancing this with digital arts.

In my poster, I would use Photoshop to create the base image, where you would click and point on an aeroplane, and the image would grey out – highlighting the impact of pollution.

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