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Week 1 - Life Drawing: a pencil drawing

Updated: May 11, 2023

In this session, we were asked to draw other students paying attention to line of action and gesture drawing, to create gesture.

I found this task particularly difficult as life drawing has not been my forte. The challenges I found were that I tried to capture a realistic portrayal of the other students and tried to capture detail at the same time. I think the best course of action, in hindsight, would be just to capture the essence of who they were at first, then gradually build my drawings up with further practice, as the session went on.

Gradually, I should have included more detail. I have unrealistic expectations, sometimes, in what I can achieve in a session. And I realised that produced something so realistic, like the other students, perhaps is not the way to go.

I need to recognise my own unique style and try and stop capturing everything in detail. I think the quick poses pay attention to that, These forced me to exclude details and just capture the essence of the person.

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